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The Baystate Rug & Flooring guide to selecting carpet

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For luxurious underfoot cushioning, there's nothing compared to quality carpet flooring. Not only does beautiful carpeting provide a home with a warm, elegant style, it also helps families feel safe by increasing traction and reducing falls. What's more, premium carpet's sound absorption and insulation qualities are unsurpassed.

The various types of carpet fibers

Carpeting is available in various fiber types, all classified as either natural or synthetic. Each fiber type has a unique charm and characteristic, which can make choosing the perfect carpet quite perplexing!

Wool Carpet: As wool is a 100% natural fiber, homeowners revere it for its organic properties. Considered to be an eco-friendly flooring option, it is stain-resistant and highly durable.

Nylon Carpet: Nylon carpeting is hugely popular because it is known to be very wear-resistant as well as durable. Nylon varieties often include stain-guard and stain-resistant treatments.

Acrylic Carpet: As it is an extremely budget-friendly alternative, nylon carpets are a common flooring choice, especially in busy foot-traffic areas.

Olefin Carpet: If you're looking for a fiber type that's mildew, mold, and moisture-resistant for a humidity-prone area, Olefin might be your hero. It provides a comfortable cushion underfoot, but, don't be fooled, it's one tough carpet.

The various styles of carpet pile

Essentially, carpet pile refers to its fiber density. That means, the longer the pile, the shaggier the carpet, and the shorter the pile, the flatter the carpet. A cut pile produces smooth, comfortable, easy-to-clean carpeting, while an uncut pile, also known as a Berber or loop pile, produces carpeting that is highly-durable and stain-resistant.

Some of the more popular cut styles are:

Saxony Cut Pile: soft, plush carpet surface, reminiscent of classic elegance.

Textured Cut Pile: carpet that doesn't show marks or tracks, ideal for busy areas of the house.

Frieze Cut Pile: knotted, curly carpet strands that give a "twisted" surface look, and is wonderful at masking wear-and-tear.

Plush Carpet Pile: thick, shortened fibers present an elegant, incredibly luxurious look.

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