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Endless possibilities with luxury vinyl

Having plenty of options and benefits is always a welcomed thing when it comes to floor coverings, and luxury vinyl isn’t one to disappoint. In fact, some homeowners come to this material looking for a specific benefit only to be pleasantly surprised at everything else that comes along as well. From looks to functionality, this is one product that does what it is supposed to and so much more.

At Baystate Rug & Flooring, we guarantee your complete satisfaction. With a large variety of quality flooring products and services and trained professionals to help you find the perfect match for your needs, we look forward to having you visit us at our showroom in Chicopee, MA. From there, we proudly serve the areas of Chicopee, Springfield, West Springfield, Holyoke, and South Hadley. We will serve you with the same dedication and professionalism as soon as you arrive.

The many benefits of luxury vinyl

One of the biggest reasons homeowners look into luxury vinyl in the first place is its amazing ability to so perfectly mimic all natural resources. With this product, you could easily have a floor that looks like solid hardwood, porcelain tile, or any one of a variety of natural stone materials. It’s more than just a “look” however, as even the intricate textures are there, from grain patterns to the feel of real porous rock. These come as a product of the 3D printing process and are amazingly realistic.

Durability is a factor that is important to all homeowners, regardless of the material. The good news is, luxury vinyl definitely has this benefit covered. Constructed of high quality materials formed into a backing layer, a core and design layer, and a protective wear layer, it all comes together to form a flooring that can be warrantied up to thirty years. The wear layer is responsible for fending off some of the natural signs of everyday wear and tear. With it in place, you’ll see fewer dings, scratches, scuffs, and fading, even in direct sunlight.

Luxury vinyl also offersa 100% waterproof option as well, with a solid vinyl core that will withstand even the harshest flood conditions. It’s so impervious to water damage that even after a flood; you can simply dry it off and install it all over again. This is one way to assure complete peace of mind against any kind of water emergency, accident, spill, or pet mess.

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