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Learn more about the Carpet Binding services offered by Baystate Rug Distributors in Chicopee, MA.

Carpet Binding

High quality floor covering for less

Carpet binding at Baystate Rug & Flooring

There are plenty of good reasons to bind your carpet. For one, it is an eco-friendly and money-saving way to use old carpet. Baystate Rug & Flooring offers professional carpet binding services to residents in the Chicopee, East Longmeadow & Springfield areas. Another reason is that it can be a more affordable choice if you need a nice area rug. But make no mistake-- the quality is just as high, if not higher! Baystate Rug and Flooring has licensed professionals that have years of hands-on experience binding a variety of carpet materials. We work with everything from wool and shag to standard nylon carpet. If you have a carpet remnant, we can help turn it into a beautiful area rug.

What is carpet binding?

This service is used to bind together the ends of a piece of carpeting to keep the fibers from unraveling at the ends. It gives the remnant a finished look and seals the edges so that it lasts longer. Carpet binding can also be known as carpet serging or rug binding. The finished product is a floor covering that can be placed in any part of your home in Chicopee, East Longmeadow & Springfield.

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Benefits of carpet binding

No homeowner would choose a service that didn’t benefit them. Luckily, carpet binding can be very useful when it comes to home design. There are many ways that you can customize and use your new flooring. And best of all, it won’t cost you a ton of money like a brand new area rug. Here are some of the ways that using this service can improve your home.

  • Protect your home flooring. Scuffs, skid marks, scratches and dents can make a beautiful new floor look terrible. Over time, normal activity around the house can really take a toll on your flooring, even if it is made to be durable. Flooring dealers often suggest adding an area rug in high traffic areas to prevent floor damage. Carpet binding can turn an old carpet remnant into a protective barrier for your floors. Use your new mats in laundry rooms, at the entrances of your house, in the living room and in hallways.
  • Get a custom look. Have a great piece of carpet that matches your color scheme? We can turn it into a rug for you and tie the room together. You have more options than just those that area rug makers give you. This can also be great if you have a certain carpet pattern in one part of the house and hard surfaces in another. For example, using a carpet scrap from the floor in your bedroom and living room for the bathrooms or kitchens can make the design feel unified. Deep down, we all want our home to have a certain flow to it. Having nice and practical things like an area rug will give you the look you want.
  • Choose your size. Area rugs are only available in so many sizes. By choosing carpet binding, you can pick the size you want. This creates a custom fit for any room. You never have to worry about your area rug being too long, too short, or too wide. It will look exactly the way you want.

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