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Learn more about the In-home Measurement services offered by Baystate Rug Distributors in Chicopee, MA.

In-Home Measurement

Accurate measurements at home

Bay State Rug & Flooring offers complimentary in-home measurements

Before you begin buying and installing new floors, you need to know how much space you have to cover. You need an accurate in-home measurement so that you don’t spend too much money. It can also save you time and a headache later. Baystate Rug & Flooring provides professional in-home measurements to homeowners in Chicopee and East Longmeadow who are remodeling their homes. This helpful service makes sure that you get the most accurate numbers so that you can order the right amount of flooring material. This can save you money and help you plan for how you need to budget. Our measuring experts have professional training and top-rate tools to give you the best results possible. No mistakes, no long-wait times, and excellent customer service.

Why is in-home measurement important?

An inch or two might not seem like a big deal at first. People make mistakes all the time. They might not take things into account, like how a doorway fits into the floor plan or how to cover steps. To a casual do-it-yourself remodeler, it can be easy to slip up and write down the wrong numbers. But the problem can become much bigger in the long-run. There are a number of different factors to take into account. For example:

Not every room is a perfect square or rectangle. Some rooms are oddly shaped. The flooring may have to wrap around a fixture in the room, or be cut to fit a diagonal corner. There may be steps leading into the room that you also want covered with your chosen floor material. These things can be hard for a do-it-yourself remodeler to measure. It is best left to someone with experience.

Luxurious carpet in Chicopee, MA from Baystate Rug Distributors

Wrong measurements mean wrong orders. Flooring dealers go by the measurements that they are given. If you end up ordering too much floor material, you have wasted money. If you don’t order enough, the installation has to be stopped until the rest of the material is delivered. That could add days or even weeks to the timeline of your remodeling project. If you are taking off work or trying to work around a busy schedule, this could be a huge source of stress. Avoid it by getting the most accurate measurements.

The little details are easy to overlook. Sometimes you forget to put the unit of measurement. Other times you forget to order a little extra material to compensate for any possible mistakes. Or perhaps you’ve forgotten hidden areas like closets, the space under appliances, or entryways. Maybe you forgot to measure the height of the door so that it can still swing open freely after the flooring is put down. It is the job of our experts to take all of these things into account and double check everything is accounted for. You are guaranteed to get the most accurate measurements using our service.

Don’t leave the measurements of your home to chance! Get the best results on your home improvement project by using an in-home measurement service from Baystate Rug & Flooring in Chicopee. Call to schedule an appointment with a measuring professional today.

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